Race Across America Eve

It is Race Across America (RAAM) eve.  The pre-race excitement here in Oceanside, California is infectious, our entire crew has come down with it.  The butterflies in my tummy started this afternoon as I contemplated Brian Toone peddling across this beautiful country with our Team Toone Crew, Hope for Gabe Foundation’s Ride4Gabe Crew, and cycling friends worldwide supporting Brian.

As we make our way to Annapolis, Maryland we are “Racing for Accelerated Access to Medicine”; spreading Hope for Gabe Foundation’s Ride4Gabe III campaign that affects so many with rare diseases, Hope for Gabe Foundation Races Across America to Bring Awareness to 11,599% Price Increase for Children’s Drug.

Please keep Brian and our team in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this tremendous journey together.  Your encouragement and support means everything, especially when it seems as if the whole race is uphill.

Brian is scheduled to cross the start line at 1:14 pm Pacific time on June 13th, 2017.  Follow us, live track us, and join us as Brian cycles coast to coast one pedal stroke at a time in the world’s toughest bicycle race!

Written by Amy White


3 thoughts on “Race Across America Eve”

  1. Good luck, Team Toone! May you feel God with you every mile. Brian, you got this! Cheering and following from Montgomery. Go Brian Go!!

    1. Brian will receive his tracker from RAAM Officials this morning. Once it is activated, a live track link will be available on the Ride4Gabe website. We will post a one click link to live tracking later this morning.

      Jamie, we appreciate you joining us on this journey!

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